Our Cleaning Process

Our Cleaning Process


Our Cleaning has a reason

While we've learned the importance of treating each home we clean as if it were our very own, we've also learned that each one is different. It's the subtle details that make your house a home, and we pay attention to those details to deliver a cleaning you'll appreciate. The best part is, leaving this chore to us allows you a bit more wiggle room in your busy schedule to get things done - or take a break.

Even though your home may be unique, we do have a tried and true cleaning method to abide by. It's the Merry Maids way - one that has served our customers well for more than 40 years. When the cleaning team is set to arrive, you can expect to have plenty of notice before they get to work. Then, moving from room to room, our team works their magic, getting down on their hands and knees to clean hard to reach places if necessary. After all, we want to exceed your expectations, not just meet them!


How a Clean House
Impacts Your Life

Imagine one less thing on your to-do list. If you're smiling at that thought, you should consider making a call to Merry Maids!

After each visit, you'll be stepping into a perfectly cleaned home backed by a 100% guarantee. This is just our way of letting you know we're serious about getting the job done right so you can relax.

A clean smelling spotless home isn't the only perk to hiring us though. You'll be taking cleaning off your list. Whether it's just for an event, or on a weekly basis, we're more than happy to help you carve out some more time to get things done.


Happy Home, Happy Health

It's true! You're less stressed when things are neat and tidy at home. Too bad cleaning isn't everyone's idea of a good time - but it is to our team. Let us help you de-stress by keeping dust bunnies at bay. Besides improving your overall mood and lowering your stress levels, booking Merry Maids helps you reduce the spread of any germs throughout your home.

Through the use of microfiber cloths and certified backpack vacuums, we trap and remove dust, dirt and other particles to improve your home's indoor air quality. Simply put, a clean home really is good for you and your family's overall health.


Flexible Services

It's no secret that we all want things to happen fast. Online ordering, streaming and other services are proving this to be a fun way of getting what we want - and cleaning is no different. You're the boss at Merry Maids, which means you always receive the cleaning you want.

If you're looking to take a break from cleaning one month, we can help. Don't want to tidy up after a big family event at your home? Give us a call. And best of all, if you're looking to let the professionals step in on a regular basis, we're available for that too. Just let us know what you need, and we can make recommendations that fit your lifestyle. Flexible services is one of the best things about booking with Merry Maids!


Beyond house cleaning

Choosing Merry Maids is a great way to take cleaning off your list anytime you want. This lifestyle has proven to be a success with countless customers over the past 40 years - and we're always adapting our services to better suit your needs.

Whether you're looking for cleaning services for home staging, renovation clean-up or want to give your parents a break from cleaning with our senior cleaning option, we've got you covered.


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